Optimal mast and crane marking by LED lighting, also with combined Red / Infrared LEDs, from 10 to 2'000 cd

We offer the perfect solution to illuminate obstacles such as wind measurement masts and cranes. The strengths of the lamps are a very good cost-benefit ratio and an extremely low power consumption.


The ICAO compliant  low intensity LED lanterns are equipped with a switch to change the light intensity from 10 to 32 candelas and back. Customers can choose from various options such as an infrared mode and many more. The medium intensity light has an effective intensity of 2'000 cd and complies with ICAO MIOLB 2000cd


The products can be ordered as AC or DC versions and supplied with the matching accessories for the proper attachment to the crane or mast if requested.

Data Sheet 10/32 cd, AV-ICAO LIOL Type A/B Data Sheet 2000 cd, AV-OL _MIOL_ICAO_Type B

The following options are available:


Product No.:


12 = 12 - 48 VDC

UM = 110 - 240 VAC



R = red

IR = Infrared

RIR = combined red / Infrared

Additional colors on request


Single or Dual Fixture:

[blank] = Single light fixture

D = Dual light fixture


Solar / Battery Configuration:

CT1 = Type 1

CT2 = Type 2

[blank] = No solar / battery configuration


Monitoring & Control:


RF = Radio Control

[blank] = No monitoring & control


RS Communications Port:

RS = RS communications port

[blank] = No RS communications port


Code for your order:

[AV-OL-ILAB-Model]-[Color]-[Single/Dual fixture]-[Solar/Battery]-[Monitoring&Control]-[RS-Port]