Béatrice Langraf


MSc. Architect ETH/SIA

chair of board of directors

Dr. Marco Lanter


Dr. jur. , M.C.J.

member board of directors

Mehmet Hanagasioglu


BSc. Physics/ MSc. Biology

managing director

Nadine Noser


BSc. Environmental Engineering



Melchior Limacher


MSc. Physics

Stefan Schlegel


Graduate Architectural Draftsman


Can Giray BSc. Electrical Engineering



Management projects Switzerland

Project management, public relations

Coordination spatial planning

Land use plans and zone planning


Logistics, transport studies

Legal advice


Negotiation of agreements & contracts

Management international projects

Site assessments

Business plan

Wind turbine purchase

Head products

Site assessment CFD simulation Project visualization IT specialist Programming Evaluation

CAD plans

Electrical planning Turkey